April 23, 2024

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How Do You Use Estate In A Sentence?

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How Do You Use Estate in a Sentence?

Understanding the Meaning of Estate

Estate refers to a person’s total assets, including their property, possessions, and investments. It encompasses both tangible and intangible assets that an individual or entity owns. When talking about estate in a sentence, it often relates to the distribution or management of someone’s assets after their death.

Using Estate as a Noun

One way to use estate in a sentence is by describing someone’s property or land. For example, “She inherited a vast estate from her grandparents.” In this sentence, estate refers to the physical land and any buildings or structures on it.

Using Estate in Legal Context

Estate is commonly used in legal contexts, particularly when discussing wills and inheritances. For instance, “The lawyer helped the family settle the estate of their deceased relative.” Here, estate refers to the assets and property left behind by the deceased.

Using Estate in Business Context

Estate can also be used in the business world to refer to a company’s assets or properties. For instance, “The real estate company manages a portfolio of commercial estates.” In this sentence, estate refers to the properties and buildings owned by the real estate company.

Examples of Using Estate in Sentences

1. “After his passing, his entire estate was left to his children.”

2. “She plans to invest in real estate to grow her estate.”

3. “The family’s estate included a grand mansion and extensive farmland.”

4. “The billionaire’s estate was divided among various charities.”

5. “He worked hard to build a successful business empire and expand his estate.”

6. “The estate sale attracted many buyers interested in purchasing antique furniture.”

7. “The estate agent showed them several properties that matched their requirements.”

8. “Her estate planning ensured a smooth transfer of assets to her children.”

9. “The estate tax laws vary from country to country.”

10. “The real estate developer transformed the abandoned property into a thriving shopping center.”


Using estate in a sentence can convey various meanings, from referring to a person’s property and assets to the management of a company’s properties. It is important to understand the context in which the word is used to ensure clarity and effective communication. Whether in legal, business, or everyday conversations, incorporating estate appropriately adds depth and precision to your sentence.